Aid for Asian Tunami victims

Religious Brothers provide help for those who suffer in Chennai, India

The centres of the Order closest to the area affected by the recent tsunami in Asia are those of the Indian Brothers at Poonamallee near Chennai (formerly known as Madras). As so many voluntary organisations have come forward to distribute food, medicine and clothing, the Brothers, in collaboration with the Social Service Centre in the Madra-Mylapore diocese, are concentrating their resources to meet other short and long term needs.

In the short-term, the Brothers are supplying items to equip new houses for people whose homes were destroyed, items such as kitchen utensils, cooking stoves and bedding. Provision will be made for 1000 families. Educational materials for 1000 children will also be supplied and medical assistance for ten of the medical camps in the area will help in preventing epidemics of such potentially fatal diseases as cholera and typhoid. The estimated cost of this will be around £45,000.

In the long-term, the Brothers are working towards re-building communities and providing the means of enabling people to re-establish their livelihoods. For example, providing nets and the funds to buy or repair boats for fishermen, whose equipment was destroyed by the tidal waves, working with self-help groups and providing housing materials wherever the Government does not make such provision. The cost of this will be the region of £90,000.

The total cost to the Brothers will be £135,000, which is an enormous sum of money in the area of India where they provide health and social care services to thousands of impoverished people. Many of the Order’s Provinces around the world are contributing to the Brother’s work with the tsunami victims in India and the Province of the Venerable Bede in Great Britain has sent over £3000. Obviously the more money the Brothers receive the more they can help those people who are suffering to rebuild their lives.

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