The Korean Province of Saint Dae Gun Kim

On 22nd June 2005 our communities and works in Korea became an independent Province of the Order.

On 19th November 1959, the first five Brothers of the Irish Province landed in Korea, a country still devastated by the recent War. They purchased land and a building and renovated it into a modern medical service, Saint John of God Clinic, Gwangju, which was opened on 2 January 1960. Now, 31 Brothers and 170 Co-workers are working in the Orders services throughout the Province.

This service provides medical provision in the spirit of hospitality to all those who need our help. Gwangju Park Elderly Centre provides social services for elderly people. Seoul Evergreen Centre believes that the people with learning disabilities are, like everyone else, created in the image of God. The practical and effective rehabilitation programs focus on individual needs of the clients. The Order has run the Chuncheon Welfare Centre on behalf of the City Administration since 1984. Here disadvantaged and disabled persons are cared for temporarily, and are offered various training and educational programs. The Order also tries to assist those clients who have lost touch with their families to re-engage and to maintain relationships. Damyany Daegun is an education and retreat centre, which is well equipped and provides a clean, quiet space and a peaceful atmosphere suitable for prayer, reflection, workshops, seminars and conferences.

In China the Yanbian Hospice Hospital near the City of Yanji is the first hospice in China for cancer patients for whom no further treatment is possible or who are facing the last stage of life. It provides holistic nursing care including symptom control and psychological support. It is hoped that this will provide a role model for further hospice development in this part of China.
We congratulate the Irish and the Korean Brothers and all of the co-workers whose tremendous work has enabled the mission of the Order to become established in Korea. We applaud the new Korean Province for extending this mission into Mainland China.

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