The Order's Response to the New Poverties

The preliminary meeting to organise the European project for the homeless, being promoted by the Hospitaller Order’s Brussels office, was convened in Marseille on Wednesday 15 January 2014.

It was attended by Dr. Carlo Galasso, Director of the European Office, and the representatives of the four facilities catering for the homeless and the marginalised involved in the initiative: Joan Uribe and Daniel Ibarz (Barcelona social services), George Kammerlocher (the Marseille shelter), Jack Edgecombe (Olallo House in London) and Massimo Postini (the Brescia Night Shelter).

The dates of the first European meetings were set, and the agenda items and the objectives to be pursued under the project financed last summer by the European Commission¹s agencies were established. During 2014, meetings will be convened in Spain (early April), France (late September) while London and Brescia will host the other meetings in 2015.

Work will be coordinated by the co-workers at the Barcelona centre, and will work on designing a common action plan to respond to the new social difficulties and poverties that the economic crisis has produced in Europe and to which the Order’s facilities intend to make an appropriate and effective response.

In addition to planning the project, participants were able to visit the Marseille homeless shelter, one of Europe's largest and oldest, having been managed by the Hospitaller Order since 1897.

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