New Province - Province of Saint John of God

On Monday 1 February 2010 another historic moment in the life of the family of Saint John of God took place. Brothers and co-workers from Great Britain joined with their colleagues in Ireland to celebrate the 2010 Provincial Chapter.

Chapters are part of the life of the Hospitaller Order and are celebrated every three years…but this was no ordinary Chapter. At the beginning of the Chapter, there was a ceremony to suppress the Irish and English Provinces and create one new Province. The new Province is named Province of Saint John of God.   As the number of Brothers in Great Britain, and in Ireland continues to fall the creation of a new Province allows the Brothers to pool their resources and work together. This is really important as they are guardians of the precious gift of Hospitality that we all want to offer to those in our Services.    During the Chapter held in Dublin between 1 and 5 February 2010, a new Provincial was elected by the Brothers.   The newly elected Provincial and Provincial Council are responsible for leading the Province of Saint John of God. The Provincial of the new Province will be based in Dublin.   Following this part of the Chapter, a three day conference took place for all Brothers and a number of co-workers. Those attending worked together to think and talk about taking the mission of Saint John of God forward together, and shared aspects of our services in Great Britain with colleagues from Ireland, New Jersey and Malawi (all part of the new Province).   For further information about the work of the Brothers in Ireland, Malawi and New Jersey visit: and

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