Annual Memorial Mass

And we remember...... On Saturday 7 November, the Province gathered at St Augustine’s Church in Darlington to remember those in our Hospitaller family who have died during the year.   We remembered those who have used our Hospitaller Services in England, Scotland and Wales, like David Beddoes who had been with the Order’s services since he was a teenager, and who died just four days short of his sixtieth birthday.   Our staff and friends, benefactors, who have died are also remembered, those who have been part of our Hospitaller journey in ways big and small.   We remember them all with affection, gratitude and our course with our prayers.   I read once of a famous writer who was asked, “How would you like to be remembered?” Her response was simple and profound.  It touches a sacred and human cry in each of our hearts……   “How would I like to be remembered?”   “TO BE REMEMBERED IS ENOUGH.”   Brother Michael Newman, OH

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