Feast of Saint Joseph

"Saint. Joseph was an ordinary sort of man on whom God relied to do great things. He did exactly what the Lord wanted him to do, in each and every event that went to make up his life." - Blessed Josemaria Escriva

Little is known about the life of Saint Joseph except for what is written in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Though Saint Joseph was descended from royalty, being in the line of the Royal House of David, it was not a title to rank or riches. Everything known about Saint Joseph suggests he was poor, for example, the offering of only two turtle doves at the Temple. He moved to Nazareth in Galilee to work as a builder. Matthew mentions the annunciation to Joseph of Mary's conception, the visit of the Magi, the flight to Egypt and the return to Nazareth. Luke describes the birth of Christ, the Presentation and the temporary loss of Jesus in Jerusalem at the age of twelve. After that, Saint Joseph disappears from the pages of the Gospel. Since he is not mentioned during the ministry of Jesus or at the Passion, it is assumed that he had already died by that point.   Other stories surround the life of Saint Joseph, but most are thought to be embellishment. These include a first marriage where he was widowed, his great age of over one hundred and his protracted death where he receives comfort from Mary and Jesus. The most reliable sources are the Gospels and they portray Saint Joseph as a faithful and patient man, obedient to the demands of God. Matthew calls him "a just man’. According to ancient tradition, Saint Joseph watches over and protects the Church. He is considered the model of perfect Christian life and the patron of a happy death. His patronage extends over the Mystical Body of Christ, over the Christian family and schools, carpenters, fathers, labourers, and all individuals who appeal to his charity.   His feast is celebrated on 19 March, and a special memorial to Saint Joseph the Worker is observed on 1 May.   For further information: https://www.bulin.com/stjoe/sjlife.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Joseph's_Day

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