Tribute to Myles Tempany OBE, KCSG, KCHS, FKCL

31st March 1924- 14th March 2008.


An Ardent Hospitaller Supporter   Myles McDermott Tempany’s life was rich and varied. He spent all his working life in the University of London Finance Department. Myles was a leader, inspirer and an organiser. He was a strong strategic person and in his professional work helped merge University facilities in London, fundraised for big academic projects and was a very reliable professional.  

At the heart of his life though were a strong family life and a vibrant faith life. He loved his Catholic faith and supported his local parish in finance and development areas.He also befriended the Brothers of Saint John of God in St Raphael’s Barvin Park, and helped them in fundraising and building projects associated with the centre.

Myles was a fundraiser through his wonderful contacts in the Church, academic and business world. Not surprisingly he was able to get some major corporate and individual donations for the Order.

In retirement he linked with the Order and with the Brothers’ Community in Potters Bar and then in Welwyn Garden City, and with his wife Pam became good friends to all the Brothers. The University honoured him, as did the Queen with an OBE, and the Church recognised his stirling work for the Church by making him a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre and a Knight of St Gregory. The Brothers also honoured him by giving him a Hospitality award in 1998. He was thrilled to be associated with the Brothers and their work with vulnerable people.

His passing on the 14th March 2008 was mourned by many from the Church, academic, social and charitable sectors. Brother John O’Neill and Brother Michael Newman attended his funeral in Potters Bar, and the Brothers in particular will miss his company and fun, and have lost a major fundraiser and supporter.

We offer our prayers for the repose of his soul, and send to Pam and family our sympathy and support. We have lost a strong advocate and fundraiser for our cause of Hospitality.

May he rest in peace.

Brother Michael Newman OH

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