Saint John of God Hospitaller Services is a national charity helping vulnerable people to lead fulfilling lives and reach their potential.

Over 50 services support in excess of 1,000 people throughout Great Britain to meet the needs of people with learning and physical disabilities, people with mental health problems, elderly Religious, people who have difficulties with drug and alcohol abuse and migrants who are vulnerable to homelessness.

Our approach is person-centered, offering support that is tailored to meet people’s needs, wishes and aspirations.

Since moving into my Saint John of God Service I am able to help in the running of my home. I help to clean the house, I go shopping, go to places I enjoy and always have the feeling of being involved. These have been the best years of my life.

Our Heritage

Hospitaller Services is a foundation of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God, an international order of religious brothers which provides health services in over 50 countries. The legacy of its founder is a mission of hospitality that has grown over five centuries.

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