The Brothers

Worldwide there are over 1230 Brothers living and working within 25 provinces over 5 continents.

The Province of Saint John of God comprises Great Britain, Ireland, New Jersey and Malawi where the Brothers fulfil a variety of roles in governance, leadership, pastoral and hands-on support. Most importantly they are the guardians and promoters of the story of Saint John of God, his life and his charism, keeping alive the mission of Saint John of God in 53 countries throughout the world today.

The Brothers profess the three vows of religion that are traditional within the Church: poverty, chastity and obedience. To these they added the fourth vow of Hospitality. By this fourth Vow they give their lives over to the service of the poor and broken in society, just as Saint John of God had done before them.

"When He called us to be Hospitaller Brothers of Saint John of God, God chose us to form a community of apostolic life and so it is our desire to live our mission in communion with one another, the love of God and our neighbour. We feel we are all Brothers of humankind and we dedicate ourselves chiefly to the service of the weak and the sick. Their needs and sufferings touch our heart. Our response is to alleviate those needs and sufferings and to work for the personal development and advancement of such people." (Constitution Article 5 of the Rule of Life of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God)